Patty Phillips

Patty Phillips of Patty's PizzaMeet Patty Phillips: not your typical pizza executive…

President and founder, Patty Phillips, of Patty’s Presto Pizza Inc is one of the leading providers of gourmet wholesale pizza products. This California native, thrill seeker and daring entrepreneur was an early inventor of the Gourmet Take & Bake pizza concept. Patty’s groundbreaking innovations gave both professional chefs and home cooks the ability to prepare her products with a quality that is unrivaled.

Patty has always been a firm believer in limitless possibilities. After graduation, she packed her bags and took off to explore the world and all its possibilities. Upon returning to the U.S., Patty had several careers, before discovering her interest in pizza. Patty had always dreamt of becoming a professional polo player. No one was more surprised than Patty to discover her passion for all things…pizza! “I loved playing polo, and had dreams of becoming a professional polo player”. She saved up $50,000 to buy a couple of ponies to fulfill her dream of playing polo.

Instead of the ponies, Patty threw caution to the wind, invested her $50,000, and in 1988 opened her first Gourmet Take & Bake Pizza restaurant in Beverly Hills. Soon after, she followed with three more locations. With tenacity, true grit and plenty of trial and error, this fearless entrepreneur, created a dough so delicious that it soon became in high demand with local chefs.

Ideas for new pizzas began coming in from a variety of sources. The secret of Patty’s success is a proprietary dough recipe made of all-natural ingredients, which undergoes a slow proofing process that enhances the flavor of the dough. Working sixteen hour days, non-stop for two years (most of them spent covered head to toe in flour), Patty’s hard work and dedication paid off. Today, with the help of loyal customers, community involvement and her committed staff, Patty’s Pizza continues to thrive and grow.

It’s been a long and winding road with lots of twists and turns, leading to many wonderful adventures. Patty invites you to taste and enjoy any of Patty’s Pizza’s delicious creations.